1,000 Words: Matching Siblings


We spent a lot of time at Kinderfoto in the mall when the kids were little.  This favorite shot was taken in September 1992.  Steel was 7 months old and Sierra was 3 1/2.  If you think  you recognize the sweater Steel is wearing, you are right.  It's the same outfit Sierra wore for our first Christmas card when she was 9 months old.  Read about that photo by clicking here.  I thought the outfit was uni-sex enough to work on Steel.  He didn't know he was wearing girl clothes and he looked equally adorable.  (Or maybe it was Sierra that wore boy clothes...) The thing that strikes me when I look at this picture is Sierra's long hair.  I always had it pulled up and off her face.  The only time it was down was when she was bathing or sleeping.  Otherwise, it was pulled back.  I had no idea it hand grown that long.  When it was braided it shrunk up.  I'll never forget curling it that morning and being shocked at how long and full it had become.  It looked so cute on her, but a little too grown up for my comfort.  After this shot, we went right back to the braid.

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