1,000 Words: Gunslingers


How can anyone not smile when they look at this photo? Aren't they adorable?  They look like they could be the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting.  I'm assuming (but their estimated ages) this photo was taken around 1960.  Obviously, all of them got new toy pistols with matching holsters.  Jon's set is special.  (Far right.)  His set has the matching arm cuffs too.  There are some other toys behind them, but I think the pistols were the favorite that year.

They've all grown up to own, understand and appreciate all sorts of firearms.  It is still a common topic of discussion each time they are all together.  The collecting never stopped and I'm sure the interest was instilled by my dad and might have found its beginning on this very Christmas day.

Christmas mornings must have been magical with these four little boys.  I can only imagine the excitement and tangible anticipation that must have filled the air.  I'm sure there were a lot of "duplicated" gifts as Mom and Dad would not have wanted anyone to be disappointed or jealous.  (That probably made the shopping a little easier.)  They were close enough in age that everyone would be happy with the same gift.

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