1,000 Words: Family Visit


I love surprising people... and when we pulled one off on Steel it was especially delightful.  Having Steel attend college so far away from home was a little stressful on all of us, but particularly difficult for his grandparents.  They were used to having Sierra around (even though she was going to school in Chico) but Steel would be too far away to come home on the weekends. He expected us to be at the games, and was thrilled to know that the Almeidas were coming up too, but what he didn't know is that John and Doralice were with us.  We only had a few minutes with him before he had to go to the pre-game meeting.  He walked from his dorm room to the street for a quick hello and as he approached, we opened the car door and he saw his grandparents.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

And then we all cried.

We didn't get to see him for long, but he knew we were all there watching when he took the field later that day.  It rained buckets the entire time, but we didn't miss a minute.  The next day was clear and beautiful.  Steel gave us a tour of the campus (including his dorm room) and we were able to spend the whole day with him.  It was a trip we'll never forget.

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