1,000 Words: Holy Bowl


You don't have to be around us for very long to figure out that football plays a very big role in our lives.  We love it.  And we devote a lot of time to the sport.  It was a lot more fun for me when we were all doing it together, as a family.  But even now, we support Leroy and all of the hours he puts in working with the high school team at Central Catholic. The 2008 season was memorable for many reasons.  Steel was a junior and it was his first year on the varsity team.  Also, it was the first season for new head coach, Roger Canepa.  He had some big shoes to fill and there was a lot of pressure on that team to succeed.  We played a tough schedule and we had a reputation of winning.  No one wanted anything different.

One victory that season that was particularly sweet was the home win against St. Mary's High School of Stockton.  The "Holy Bowl" tradition had only be revived a few years previous to this season and the games always proved to be close, well-played challenges that made for great football.  Add to that the spirit of competition between the two Catholic high schools and you get the perfect formula for a Friday night.

In 2008, we hosted the Rams and Central Catholic won the game.  It was a HUGE win for this team and the new coach.  After the perpetual trophy presentation, the victory celebration on the field was electric.  There was a mix of parents, alumni, players and of course, lots and lots of students.  The highlight (for us anyway) was the moment Steel was hoisted in the air carrying the trophy.  I snapped a quick photo not even realizing that was my kid!  It wasn't until later that I knew he was the player being carried off the field with the prize.

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