1,000 Words: First Night Away


We received some words of wisdom from a family member shortly after Sierra was born.   She recommended we spend a lot of quality couple time together.  She reminded us that it's easy to let a marriage suffer when the parents are focused only on the children.  We didn't think much of it at the time, but we've since learned the valuable lesson.

We were fortunate to have a lot of support with the kids.  We never had to look for a babysitter and never worried about them when we were away.  We always knew they were well cared for and loved.  When Sierra was 4 months old, we planned a trip away and left her with my in-laws for the weekend.  I probably should have been anxious, but I wasn't at all.  When we came home, we found Sierra perfectly content with some new clothes (including this darling dress) and shoes to match.  To make it even better, Doralice had taken her to a photographer for portraits and this was our favorite.

Sounds like a great girls weekend to me!

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