1,000 Words: Puppy Love


Sometimes life presents perfect moments and when we are quick with the camera the memories can be preserved forever.  This photo is one of those perfect moments.  I was pulling into the driveway and noticed that I had the attention of each and every puppy.  (All 12, beautiful Labrador Retriever puppies.)  I was there to take photos, but I never imagined I'd get this shot.  I've printed this photo many times including gifts for the breeder, other family members and the veterinarian that cared for the litter. This litter belonged to some good friends and I'd go over every couple of weeks and take photos to document their growth.  They were adorable and I instantly fell in love.  I didn't realize it then, but the big white guy (3rd from the left) would go home with me one day and take up residence in my heart forever.  (Charlie.)