1,000 Words: RPP Team


When Leroy went to work at Rico, Pfitzer, Pires and Associates in 2010, I had no idea that one day I'd be a part of the team.  We'd had our insurance with the agency since we were married (and long before that with the dairy) and we were always happy with the service and personal attention.  There is a lot of industry experience in this group and it shows with their knowledge, skill level and expertise. Before we were employees, we knew most of the people in this picture.  We were clients, but now we are on the team.

We are family.

We love our jobs and we also know how blessed we are to be able to state that fact.  Life (and work) is difficult, but it's more difficult if you're miserable.  We also know that a big part of the satisfaction we enjoy comes from the people in this picture.  This group really is outstanding and we're fortunate to call them co-workers and friends.

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