1,000 Words: Fair Photo Booth


This picture still cracks me up, even after all these years.  On the surface, it seems like any other county fair photo booth shot of a guy and a kid.  The difference is that this was no ordinary guy/kid duo.  These boys were serious dairy cattle show competitors who were at the Stanislaus County Fair for the sole purpose of showing cattle.  (Not screwing around in the carnival and certainly not posing in a photo booth.)  It was a very unlikely activity for either one of them.  When Leroy brought it home to me (after splitting up the strip to share) I was shocked! Pictured with Leroy (background) is Robert Teixeira.  Leroy was helping Robert's dad at the fair and while it seems that Robert was just a kid in this shot, he was anything but when he was around the cattle.  He worked harder than most adults I knew when it came to fitting, showing and caring for cattle.  He took it very seriously (still does) and wasn't likely to be found anywhere but in the barns.

It just goes to show you that even the most serious, dedicated, hard working people can have a little fun once in a while.  It also made me realize Leroy was going to be a great dad.

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