1,000 Words: Big Sister


This is one of my favorite pictures of my children.  This is the very first time Sierra held Steel.  We had just arrived home from the hospital and the first thing we wanted to do was let Sierra get to know Steel a bit more.  You'd think bringing home a baby brother would be a big deal, but Sierra was preoccupied with other plans.  During my hospitalization, Sierra had stayed with her grandparents (Vava and Papa) and she was quite anxious to get back over to the house.  (At the time, I wondered if she thought that living arrangement was permanent.)  You see, Doralice had just finished painting her finger nails (note the pink polish) and had promised to do her toes next. Immediately after we took this picture, she looked up at me and asked if she could go back to Vavas.  Of course, I said yes.