1,000 Words: Agent Man


I don't think Leroy chose to be a dairyman as much as he was raised for the job.  The cows and farming were all he knew and he loved working with them everyday.  Farming in general is a tough gig, but dairymen have it especially difficult.  Not only do the cows need to be fed and cared for, they have to be milked twice  a day.  Leroy never knew the luxury of days off or sick days.  If we were home, he worked.  We were fortunate to get a way often, but it came with a cost.  The extra work to prepare or catch up sometimes made us question if leaving the house was even worth the effort. Not many people could make a drastic career change at 43 years old, but Leroy did.  When the decision was made to sell the cows Leroy knew he had to find some other form of work.  We often talked about the challenge and we worried about the future; always wondering what would be the best fit.  We never considered a career in insurance, but with the invitation was presented, we thought (and prayed) that it would be a good fit.

Our prayers were answered.

Leroy became an Insurance Producer at Rico, Pfitzer, Pires and Associates in January 2010.  It wasn't long after he started that he volunteered me to take the staff photos for the website.  I was able to meet all of his co-workers and thank them for helping with this major life transition.  This is the photograph I took of Leroy that day and it's still up on the agency website today.  (A website that I now work on and maintain since joining the team myself in May of 2013.)

I don't think Leroy's ever read "What Color is Your Parachute" but he certainly figured out the whole career path change fairly easily and pulled it off without a hitch.  He loves his job and it is as natural to him as milking a cow.