1,000 Words: BASH Couple


Leroy and I are a living example of the old adage "opposites attract."  If I had my way (which I usually do) I'd never leave the house.  I just don't like to go anywhere.  It's not that I'm anti-social.  I LOVE hosting people in my home.   I'll hang out with friends and family 24/7... as long as I get to do it in the comfort o my own home. Leroy is the opposite.  He LOVES to go and do and see.  Just one full day at home will give him a serious case of cabin fever.  (Which usually results in him finding some excuse to go to the store or run and errand just so he can leave for a few minutes.)  If it were up to him, we'd have events to attend each and every day.  Even as much as he loves to go, he doesn't accept every invitation because he knows how much I like to stay home.

Occasionally, I will indulge him too and attend an event, even if I don't want to go.  It always works out because I end of up having a good time once I get there and settled in with my friends.  (Remember, I like the people, it is leaving the house that I hate.)  This picture is one of those occasions.  Leroy talked me into accepting the offer of some friends to join them at their table at BASH.  (Building A Scholastic Heritage is an annual fundraising event at Central Catholic High School.)  Don't we look like we're having fun?