1,000 Words: Diva Dog


One of my favorite things about being an amateur photographer is my constant source of subject matter.  If find stuff (and people) interesting.  When it's done well, photography gives us a glimpse into the artists thoughts, but it's always up to interpretation.  A picture cannot truly translate my ideas on the subject.  Better than that, it allows the viewer to develop his own. This dog has been a love.  She was a gift from Leroy shortly after my mom's death.  I'd always wanted a little dog and he finally relented.  She was born and bred by Leroy's aunt and uncle Amos and Paula.  I picked her from the litter and loved her immediately.  Her full name is "Aunt Paula's Little Miss Daisy."

I love this photo because it demonstrates one of her serious sides.  Daisy is full of expressions and emotions, but this look is one I see often.  It is thoughtful and curious but also confident and strong.  The hair has changed in the 6 years since this photograph.  She (like me) has quite a bit of gray hair, but she is still as curious, resilient and feisty as she was on this day.  (Just like me too.)