1,000 Words: Goofy Hat

This is how Steel slept.  Every. Single. Night.  It didn't matter how he started, he always ended up in this position.  He once confided in me that he sometimes dreamt that Uncle Chuck snuck in his room and tickled him.  He'd wake with a start and throw his arms down at his side, but he'd eventually realize it was a dream, relax and move right back into position.  (Steel loved his Uncle Chuck and thought of him often.) He was also completely obsessed with the Disney character Goofy when he was little.  He liked Barney too, but the purple dinosaur paled in comparison to his favorite Goofy.

It's difficult to tell, but that's a "Goofy" hat he's wearing.  It was baseball style with long, dangling ears and two white teeth that hung from the bill.  Steel insisted on wearing that hat to bed for a very long time.  He finally outgrew the hat, the sheets and the tiny bed, but I'll never forget the curious habits he kept as a child.