1,000 Words: Reluctant Model


Sierra and Steel have had to endure many, many impromptu photo sessions over the years.  They have always been cooperative (because they were always respectful) but I know they probably didn't enjoy the time nearly as much as I did. I once took a photo class at Modesto Jr. College that required an on-site photo shoot.  I asked the kids to come down and be my "models."  I'm not stupid.  I know that photographing beautiful subjects makes it easier to produce a beautiful photograph.  That's not rocket science.  When you start with an attractive subject, an attractive photograph is simple.

Teenage girls are not my favorite subjects.  They are far too critical of their own appearance and getting a shot that they actually like is very difficult.  They are not easy to please.  Sierra didn't like this shot either (at the time) but it immediately became one of my favorites.  She is gorgeous and the natural smile and soft eyes convey a brief glimpse of her sweet spirit.

I nailed it.  If I do say so myself.