1,000 Words: Monkeys


We are very close to the Almeidas.  (Leroy’s sister and her family.)  We spend a lot of time together doing a variety of different activities.  We don’t all enjoy the same things, but that doesn’t seem to matter to us.  If one of us is involved in something, we’re all there to support and cheer them on.  Fairs and cow shows are a good example.  Brandon (nephew) likes to show cattle.  Austin and I do not particularly care to attend cattle shows, but we’ll go (albeit under protest) to show our support. If you haven’t been to a cow show before, you have to know there is a lot of hurry up and wait.  (And wait, and wait and wait.)  Austin and I have to do something to keep ourselves occupied so we usually do 1 (or all) of 3 things.  First – We eat.  (This is especially enjoyable at the county fairs.)  Second – We complain.  (This isn’t particularly enjoyable to anyone, but we like to have our feelings known.)  And third – We pose for silly pictures to demonstrate the absurdity of the event or just to make fun of the situation.  (This one’s my favorite.)

Sometimes, we’re able to get the others to join in on the fun.  In this shot, we’re waiting (surprise, surprise) for Brandon’s class.  Leroy (AKA “Fair Uncle”) has taken a break from the serious action to fool around with the boys.  Believe me.  As soon as this shot was taken, Leroy and Brandon were right back to the action and Austin and I were left to entertain ourselves once again.