1,000 Words: Mom of the Year


I tease.  I tease a lot.  Sometimes I wonder why my friends and family tolerate it.  Sometimes I even feel bad, but that doesn't seem to stop me.  Once you realize that I only tease those I love, it becomes a little more tolerable. At least that's my hope.  If I'm not teasing you, we have an issue.  (Or at least I have an issue with you.)

No one, and I mean NO ONE has had to endure my teasing more than this lady.  When it comes to harassing her about her involvement with her favorite high school football team, I am merciless, even ruthless.  (I can't help myself.  The whole topic is so close to her heart that anything I say cannot be ignored... And I hate to be ignored.)

This photograph was from one of Hilmar High School's elaborate homecoming parades.  They really know how to do it right in Hilmar... and I'm not being sarcastic.  (No, really.  I'm not.)  Their floats are awesome, the trailers with players, and cheerleaders and clubs are awesome... and the whole damn town goes out on Lander to watch.  Everyone.

This particular year, Anne was named "Football Mom of the Year."  I'm sure she was eligible (and nominated) each and every year her boys were in high school, but this was the first time the honor was officially bestowed up on her.  It was well deserved.  She works very hard to make sure her boys (the whole team) have what they need during the season.  Going "above and beyond" is an understatement.  But as much as she loves to do for the team, she prefers to be behind the scenes and not the recipient of praise or glory.  She does what she does out of love.  Nothing more.

Of course I have to twist it around and tease her about all of the notoriety.  Each year when it's time for the homecoming parade, I ask her about the car she'll be riding in, or whether she's getting her hair done for the occasion or if they are getting her a corsage this year.  But I do it out of love.  I do it because I'm proud of her.