1,000 Words: Yosemite Falls


This is an iconic image.  Upper Yosemite Falls is one of the most photographed scenes in any National Park.   It truly is spectacular and must be seen in person to truly appreciate. A few years back, we had an exceptionally wet winter and a large amount of snow in the Sierras.  While it doesn't seem to be good news as it's happening, snow and water are very important to the state of California where we experience frequent drought years.  It was good news for the state's water supply, and it was good news for those who appreciate waterfalls.

We made the trip to Yosemite Valley just to see the falls that spring.  I packed every single piece of camera equipment I owned.  I was hoping to get the perfect shot.  Leroy and I spent the day driving around.  (Actually, Leroy was driving, I was looking at waterfalls that I had never seen before and pointing them out... much to his dismay since he had to drive.)  There were falls everywhere you looked, but none of them as impressive as Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

I set up tripods and cameras at each and every stop.  I adjusted settings and timing and manipulated light.  But in the end, it was this simple shot from my iPhone that proved to be the best one of the day.