1,000 Words: Kinderfoto


This was the first, official photo setting for Sierra and Steel.  Pictures were a little more difficult back in 1992.  There were no cell phones and SLR cameras were expensive and only used by real, professional photographers.  Even if you did have a good camera, film was expensive.  It was a shot in the dark (pun intended) as to whether you'd get a good picture or not. I've written previously about Kinderfoto.  It was the handy/dandy one stop shop for kiddie photos back in the day.  They weren't cheap, but at least you could see what you were paying before you wrote the check.  (Yes,  we actually wrote checks back then too.)

This photo was taken just before Easter, right after Steel was born.  I know I'm the one that curled Sierra's hair (sponge rollers) and I also think I'm probably the one that trimmed her bangs judging on the length and uneven line.

The end result turned out pretty well though.  Getting a toddler and a newborn to sit still for a photo could be considered a major fete.