1,000 Words: One Eye Jack


Disneyland ran an ad campaign announcing the end of the Electric Light Parade.  It was the "farewell season" and since I never missed a chance (or, I should say an excuse) to go to Disneyland, I immediately made plans, with one exception.  We didn't tell the kids where we were going.

Leroy didn't go with us, but my mom did.  We woke up the kids at 2:00am, loaded them in the car and off we went.  The whole time we were driving, I was quizzing them for guesses about our destination.  Steel thought we were going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Sierra (older and wiser) knew that we were further than Modesto (where the Chuck E. Cheese was located.)  Her guess was a baseball game in San Francisco.

They were SHOCKED when we pulled into the parking lot that they immediately recognized.  I'll never forget Steel's tiny voice.

"I just can be-weave it!"  -- "Look Mom!  The Monterey!"  (AKA - Monorail.)

Steel decided to spend the entire trip in a Pirate persona.  He wore his Captain Hook hat and carried his sword wherever he went.  He walked with his hands on his hips with a swagger that made everyone take notice.  (And a lot of pictures.)  The most impressive part of his commitment, was the use of only one eye at all times.  But he didn't require an eye patch.  He just kept one closed.

In this photo, we're sitting on the sidewalk on Main Street waiting for a parade.  Sierra is waiting patiently, Granny is writing out postcards and Steel is preparing to pillage and plunder.