1,000 Words: Steel's Baccalaureate


I know that photographs are a poor substitute for actual memories and that it's so much better to be present in the moment, but you have to admit that when the conditions are right, a good photograph brings us close to the original moment we experience.  This photograph does it for me.  This makes me smile each and every time I view it. There are a lot of "ideals" for this picture.  It came immediately after a very moving Baccalaureate liturgy at St. Stanislaus Church in May of 2010, just prior to Steel's high school graduation.  It was about 7:00 in the evening and close to the "golden hour" of photography which is 1 hour before sunset.  To make it even better, some rain clouds had rolled in (note the drops on Steel's jacket) and the filtered light of the sun was almost perfection.  Add to that the background contrast of Sierra's pink umbrella and... Viola!  Ideal conditions for the perfect shot.