1,000 Words: Pleasanton Christmas


Now here's a real blast from the past... and a rare photograph of all of the siblings together.  I'm not sure of the year, but I know exactly where we this was taken.  We're in the living room on Cid Way in Pleasanton.   I'm going to take a wild guess at the ages starting with myself (for reference.)  I look about 5 (and I started Kindergarten at Alisal School in Pleasanton.) So going left to right my age guesses are: Chuck 21, Curtis 19, Mom 39, Craig 17 and Jon 15.  That's pretty close.  It's probably December 1973 or pretty close to it. Of course Dad is the family photographer and he's using his fancy Polaroid camera.

I wish I remembered this Christmas.  I do have some fond memories of that house, but I never remember all of us living there together.  (At least not all at the same time.)  I also wish I had memories of all us living under the same roof, anywhere; but I don't.  Looking at this photograph, I can appreciate that it must have been a very special Christmas for my mom; having all of her children at home at the same time.  Even if it only last a little while.