1,000 Words: Summer Practice


  When Steel first went away to college at Pacific University in Oregon, I would scour their website for pictures or any information I could get on the activities.  He checked in about 3 weeks before school started to start football camp.  It was the first summer workout for football at that school in 19 years and it was a very big deal. They kept the boys very busy and we didn't hear from Steel a lot those first few weeks.  He was busy, or he was tired and we really tried to give him his space.  Even though we were dying for details of the experience, we really tried to leave him alone to sort through it all on his own.

I was flooded with relief when I came across these pictures on Pacific's website.  They had been taking pictures of the boys at the summer practice and posting a few here and there.  I always search them for sign of my kid and I usually didn't find him.  But one day these  came up and I knew all was well.

Pictured is Steel with his roommate (and childhood friend Wade Bettencourt.)