1,000 Words: Dammit Justin


There are some kids that come into your life and take residence. It doesn’t even matter that you didn’t give birth to them, or that they are not blood related. They hold a place in your heart and become your own. By our shared experiences and memories, we are bonded together. This is one of those kids. This is my red-headed step child, Justin “Jay” Burkett. (Pictured here with Steel at the CCHS Prom in 2010.)

Once Jay overcame his (initially) shy nature there was no holding back on the antics, mischief and fun this kid would concoct. He is exceptionally bright and always one step ahead of everyone in the room. He is a master at the quick comeback and sarcastic statement. (So I, of course, fell in love immediately.) You have to be on your toes to keep up with Jay. There were times all his mother Robin and I could do was laugh. His mind is always working and as mothers of teenage boys, that wasn’t always a comfortable position. (When Steel recently checked the “roof to pool” access at our home I had a flashback of Jay showing him that trick when they were in high school.)

Sometimes, just for fun we’ll yell, “Dammit Justin, what the hell!” It’s an active reminder of antics from long ago. I can’t thank his parents enough for sharing him with us. Although I will admit that we spent a lot of time commiserating about our boys, I wouldn’t trade one second of the fun.