1,000 Words: October Babies


I guess if you had to share a birthday party with someone, my dad would have been the perfect choice. He was the most selfless person I know and I’m sure that he was willing to forego any attention and let it all fall on his son, Curtis. Their birthdays are 1 day apart. (October 12 and 13.) This photo is a “combined” cake celebrating them both.  NOTE: My dad is holding a golf club, but I don't ever remember him playing the game.  Ever. -- But their gifts do reflect the theme of the cake. Curtis would grow up and add to this party. His son Jarrad and his daughter Lisa were both born on October 12. (Different years of course.) I have so many fond memories of weekend celebrations out on “The Ranch” in Turlock when all of the families were together. My brother Jon’s birthday is October 25th, so he was honored as well. Those parties were a lot of fun. (There was a lot of Buffalo burgers and Tillamook cheese consumed.)

We’ve since lost Lisa and Dad, but they are not forgotten. October 12th is still a celebration but it also causes us to pause and remember. It’s an annual reminder not to take our loved ones and celebrations for granted.