1,000 Words: New Dad


This is just about the sweetest picture in the world.  I found this gem when we were going through photos after my oldest brother Chuck passed away suddenly last summer.  This photo shows my dad holding Chuck as a newborn.  This photograph was taken in June 1963. Today, they are both gone, but never forgotten.  What a precious memory to mark a momentous occasion.  This is my dad's oldest child and his life was about to change forever.  It was rare for my dad to hand the camera to someone else, but not uncommon for him to be holding or playing with a child.  He had a knack with children and they adored him.  When they were this small, he referred to them as "pups."  I.e. "When are you going to have that pup?"  Or "Somebody ought' a feed that pup."  It makes me wonder if it started in this moment.  I'd like to think so.