1,000 Words: Teenager on the Phone

This is the perfect photograph to describe who I was and where I was (metaphorically) when I was 14 years old.  It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to that I was on the phone with my back turned to the rest of the world.  My mom has written Christmas 1982 on the back of this photo.  I don't remember the holiday, but I sure remember that kitchen (Moffett Road in Turlock) and that rotary dial phone (and a bulky answering machine attached.  Yes I am THAT old.)  We were the first of our friends and family to have one.  It was a big deal then and now I've grown to despise voicemail. This must pre-date the jack installation in my room.  (Which I received as a birthday gift one year and it changed my life forever.  BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.)  We still shared a line, but at least I had some privacy.  (Although I'm not completely convinced that my mom didn't listen to every telephone conversation I ever had.