1,000 Words: Sophie the Saluki


I've owned and known some pretty cool dogs in my lifetime.  I adored almost all of them.  (Poor experience with Dalmatians has made me not care for the breed.  It might be undeserved, but it is my experience.  I was bit in the face by one when I was about 10.  Also, we had a puppy for a short time that just didn't bond with us and had to be re-homed.)  One of the coolest dogs we ever had was Sophie the Saluki. Mom heard about the breed through our friends in the Arabian horse community.  Salukis are one of the oldest known dog breeds and originated in the Middle East.  They are also known as the Arabian Greyhound but there are some characteristics that set them apart from the more well-known breed.  Mom researched and studied and finally found a breeder in Nevada where we purchased the puppy.  Mom thought she was the perfect addition to our Arab focused activities and Sophie joined the family.  (Mom even collected art depictions of Salukis and Arabian horses.)

True to the breed, Sophie was very independent.  She marched to the beat of her own drum and I'm quite confident that Sophie was the perfect canine version of a hippie.  (Even her appearance suggests a boho lifestyle.)  She was always happy and never concerned about pleasing us or the other dogs around her.  (The opposite of the loyal and people pleasing Weimaraner Misty that was her constant companion.)  She lived life on her own terms and it was a joy to witness.

Sophie taught me that being authentic was much more important than pretending to be something I wasn't just for attention.  (Deep thinking for a person/dog relationship, right?) She didn't particularly care if I liked her or not.  She liked me and that's all that really mattered.    Thinking back on it now, the timing was perfect.  Sophie was around in my early teen, awkward years.  No wonder I've grown up with confidence.