1,000 Words: Boxer Football


Pacific University in Oregon had a long standing tradition of football.  The team sport began in 1893 but in 1992 the school made the decision to discontinue the football program.  For 99 years the school had at team and then it was gone. Until 2010.

The historic 2010 season of Pacific University Football brought the sport back to the university and back to the town of Forest Grove, Oregon.  In 2010, the team played it's 100th season of football with the enthusiasm of fans that missed the game.

That season was a tough one for the Boxers but everyone knew they were a part of something special and we were so thrilled with Steel was a part of it as well. (Front row, 1st one on the left #34 with a big smile on his face for his mama.)  It was tough to go from a successful, established high school program to a team that was made up of mostly freshmen, but he (and the rest of these boys) put in the work, time and energy to rebuild the program and turn it into a tremendous success story.

It doesn't not go un-noticed by me that the 1992 (the last year Pacific had a program prior to the re-start) is the birth year of most of the boys in this photo.  Out of all of the boys in this shot (from freshman year) about 40 of them stayed with the team all 4 years and graduated.  An elite group of young men who made a difference and made history.