1,000 Words: Buckaroo


A girl never forgets her first love.  And when that love is a sweet, little, hairy pony it's easy to imagine why he was so unforgettable.  It's every little girls dream to have a pony of her own and I will never forget this guy and all of the joy he brought to my life. This is Buckaroo and he was more like family member.  He was a Shetland Pony and a gift from my parents when I was old enough to ride.  We lived in Pleasanton at the time and kept him boarded until we moved to Turlock to the ranch.  Buckaroo was a sweetheart and would go anywhere and do anything I asked of him.

It was Dad's idea to teach him to drive.  He was already saddle trained when got him, but Dad wanted a sulky horse and he was a willing participant.  Most of the time that's what he pulled.   The first picture shows him harnessed up to the old, red sulky out in our pasture.  I had talked my sister-in-law Sue into going on a picnic with me out by the raspberries.  (She's in the background.)  Also in attendance was baby Christopher. (That's my handwriting on the Polaroid.)

The picture below is rare.  First of all, I'm in a dress.  (That never happened if I could help it.)  Furthermore, Buckaroo is pulling our show buggy (the one we used with the Arabians) and we're at a horse show. (Turlock Fairgrounds)  I don't remember why or what the occasion was and looking back on it now, it almost seems cruel to subject my buddy to such scrutiny.  There is no way my dad would have let that pony go into the ring without a thorough bath and clipping.  His hooves are probably painted too.  But I'm sure he didn't give any fuss about it.  He would have walked on a hot bed of coals if I had asked.