1,000 Words: Hot Grandma


My mother-in-law is a beautiful woman.  She's beautiful on the inside too, but I'm talking about her physical appearance.  She has somehow managed to defy time and actually become more beautiful as she has aged.  It's almost as if she's going backward.  She has taken good care of herself and is always well put together. Always.

This only becomes a problem when her tween and teen grandsons think their Vava is a little "too hot" and showing a bit more skin than they are used to seeing on her.

This picture is a Rocha family classic.  It was taken at a family wedding and Doralice had no idea her grandsons were blocking their eyes as not to see their grandmother's cleavage.  The pose was my idea and the boys were obedient participants.

This photograph will always make me smile as a reminder of the fun we had, but also as a "coming of age" shot that shows 4 young men who love and adore their Vava.  (From left to right: Steel, Brandon, (front) Jordan, Doralice and Austin.)