1,000 Words: High School Rerun


I think I speak for both Leroy and I when I say that we enjoyed our years in high school. I know I did and since he had a lot more fun than me, I’m sure Leroy would say the same. But I think he’d also agree with me when I say that sharing in Sierra and Steel’s high school experience was even more fun than our own. I don’t think we were helicopter parents, but there weren’t too many high school experiences that we didn’t share with our kids. It wasn’t that we wanted to keep an eye on them. We just didn’t want to miss out on the fun. And we weren’t alone. There were a lot of parents like us and each activity had two levels of participation; student and families. It was awesome.

Proms and formals were some of my favorites. The “Pre-Prom Photo Shoots” were the best! Someone would host the pre-party and parents were always invited as well. Almost all of the parents were there taking pictures and socializing with the other families as we watched the kids pose and prepare to head off to the big dance. We got to know some of our dearest friends at those gatherings and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

This shot is from Steel’s Senior Prom. We were attending a party at the Wesenberg’s in the Del Rio neighborhood. This shot is on the golf course behind their home. (Sierra was home from Chico that weekend and joined in on the fun.)