1,000 Words: Austin's Section Title


There’s nothing better than close football games, especially the ones that come down to the wire. And when that game is for a section title, you can’t help but get caught up in the emotion and the drama on the field. It forces the spectator to live in the NOW… Everything hinges on the next play. Hilmar had one of those “nail-biter” games Austin’s senior year. The kicker saved the day with a field goal to take the lead, but then it seemed there was way too much time on the clock. We held our breath as the Yellowjacket’s defense held Escalon and Hilmar earned the title of section champions.

We always root for Hilmar (when they’re not playing Central.)

This photo is on the field during the post-game celebration. It was a great night and the smile on Austin and Sierra’s faces are filled with emotion.

Note that Austin’s is holding up one finger to indicate #1 while Sierra doesn’t go that far. She’s offering a “thumbs-up” in approval, but hesitates to say that Hilmar is #1. (This is just a personal observation. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.)