1,000 Words: Snookie


We don't know a whole lot about Sierra's years at Chico State and that's probably for the best.  Leroy and I took a very "hands-off" approach with the kids during their time in college.  I figured I shouldn't micro-manage their lives while they were away.  They were grown (ass) adults and had to take responsibility and it worked out well.  (I never even checked grades.) It worked out well.  Both of them graduated in 4 years without getting arrested.  (At least not that we know about.)

This photo is from a Halloween weekend when Sierra was at Chico.  She's dressed as Snookie.(Nicole Polizzi from the reality show Jersey Shore.)  It's a great costume and even though I'm not a fan of the show (I've never watched an episode) I knew immediately that Sierra nailed it when she text me the picture that night.  (I had to explain to Leroy who Snookie was and why Sierra would dress like her.)

The real Snookie even responded to Sierra's picture on Twitter.  I guess she thought it was a good costume too.