1,000 Words: Amish Halloween


We take our Halloween costumes very seriously.  I'm so grateful that we've had Doralice to sew our costumes and make them perfect each and every time.  She's done some extraordinary work over the years and we've had a lot of fun. For Halloween 2012, Leroy and I dressed as an Amish couple.  We were invited to a party and had kept our costumes a secret before making our appearance.  It was so much fun to watch our family and friends do a double-take when we walked in.  Our costumes were so authentic looking, many people wondered if we were actually Amish.

There was a man dressed as Gene Simmons from Kiss (I have no idea who he was) that took a particular interest in us.  His costume was very detailed too together, we really looked like a mis-matched trio.  Things got very interesting as Gene and I started dirty dancing.  There were many people at the party that couldn't look away.