1,000 Words: Borba Women


There is a special place in my heart for Leroy’s maternal side of the family. The Borba family is filled with a lot of memorable (and crazy) characters, not the least of which are these wild women. We all decided that we needed new dresses for Cousin Frankie and Alison’s wedding so we went shopping… together. We knew that even though our goal was to find appropriate wedding attire, what we were really looking for was a good time with women we love and adore. These gals are just fun. Since most of us live nearby, we carpooled and met Tia Mary in Fremont. From there we ventured to the mall and shopped for most of the day. (If I remember correctly, I think we all found something to wear, but like I said, that was beside the point.) There was no shortage of fashion advice or opinion. (There’s no holding back with these ladies.) But more importantly there was a whole lot of laughter.

And here we are in all of our glory wearing our purchases at the aforementioned wedding. What an honor to be counted among these ladies. I hope I can keep up with them.