1,000 Words: TV Coach


The high school football season is a long one for us. At least it has been the last couple of years. Central Catholic’s head football coach Roger Canepa always says he wants to be the first team to practice, and the last team to practice each season. A commitment like that takes up a lot of time. The first practice begins at 12:01am (yes, in the middle of the night) on the first day of allowed practice after the mandatory black out period. This has been a tradition since Coach Canepa joined Central Catholic. And for the last two years, they’ve been the last team practicing; just prior to the State Championship games in mid-December. This picture is from the end of the season. This photo is actually a picture of our TV screen when it showed Leroy and Coach Canepa on the sidelines during the state game in 2013. We (Sierra, Steel and I) didn’t go to Carson that year. Instead we stayed home and hosted a game viewing party with friends and family. We cheered (loudly) each and every time Leroy showed up on the screen. It was Sierra’s idea to pause the TV and she (and Doc Williamson) pulled out the cell phones for the shot.

This photo evokes two emotions; pride and relief that a very long season is almost over.