1,000 Words: Sobriety Checkpoint


It’s interesting to me how we can feel two very different emotions when looking at the same photograph. We can look at an image with an analytical mind and remember the moment but our emotions will always make their presence known as well. What we see is not necessarily what we feel. This is Steel (and his buddy Matt Shinkwin in the background) trying to gain entrance into their Senior Prom. It saddens me that in this day in age, students have to pass a breathalyzer test before they can attend a school function, but it is necessary. (Just to be clear, I regret that schools have to do preventive testing like this but do not disagree with it.)

Obviously Steel is not taking it too seriously. We all thought it was funny and I of course insisted on watching to make sure he passed. (He did.) I’m sure there are not many mothers in America have pictures like this in their scrapbook. Just another proud moment in our mother-son relationship.

Note: Steel was on crutches following surgery on his foot to repair a Lis Franc injury.