2014 Easter Vigil

We won't soon forget Fr. Ramon's enthusiastic ALLELUIA at the Easter Vigil mass.  Each year I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful man and for the opportunity to serve on the RCIA Team at St. Stanislaus Catholic Community. My apologies for taking so long to post these photographs.  I experienced some "technical difficulties" with my computer over the weekend.  I didn't want you to wait any longer so I uploaded ALL of my 397 shots from that night.  Some might be too dark, or too blurry, but I'll let you decide.  You are free to print, share, download any of these pictures.  They are a gift to you.  If you decide to print, you can order directly from the site using the Shutterfly service or download them to your own computer and print at your favorite location.

There are some wonderful photographs from Lisa Lorenzo as well.  I've included a link to her album on the page.

Click here to see all of my (Kelli's) photos from the 2014 Easter Vigil as well as view the link to Lisa's.