1,000 Words: Memorable Christmas


I’ve celebrated 46 Christmas in my lifetime (at the time of this writing) but I don’t remember them all. Truth be told, I don’t remember very many of them. Furthermore, the memories that I do have rarely include gifts. I remember people, events and yes, even food. But I remember this Christmas.

Pictured are my nephew Christopher and my niece Katie. They are standing in front of the Christmas tree at my parents’ house on Moffett in Turlock. We always celebrated the holiday in the morning on Christmas day and this year my brother and his wife had spent the night before so the kids were up bright and early. It was so much fun to celebrate with little kids. Their enthusiasm was contagious and we all had full hearts that year. I don’t remember any of the material presents, but I remember the gift of laughter and love.

Note: My dad insisted on buying live Christmas trees that he would plant around our home after the holiday. I hated those little, ugly trees and always wished we could get a big, fresh cut one instead. Now… I appreciate the tradition and love the concept and may just have to start that up again.