1,000 Words: Post Game Celebration


I didn't take this picture.  I wasn't there.  It was shot on the CC Football field in September of 2012.  Pictured with Leroy is (one of his favorites) Senior Quarterback Garrett Ardis.  They were celebrating a victory over St. Mary's of Stockton in the annual Holy Bowl. I wasn't there because I was home packing for a trip to Disneyland.  We left for Anaheim as soon as Leroy got home from this game.  I originally wrote about the trip in a previous post.  It might sound a little crazy to make a 5-6 hour drive that late at night, but I knew how it would work.  If Leroy's team lost, he'd be so irritated he'd be all fired up and unable to sleep anyway.  Thinking (and replaying the game) would keep him awake while he drove.  If the team won, he'd be so happy that he'd be wound up and excited.  (Of course, that was the preferred option, but I have to admit, I was just glad I'd be getting to Disneyland either way.)