1,000 Words: Coyote Hunter


Life on the dairy was filled will all kinds of unusual adventures and opportunities.  There was always something to do.  Always.  And because of the abundance of activity (human or otherwise) we learned to expect the unexpected.  Life was neither mundane or boring.  On the contrary.   There were always opportunities to explore and many times adventure followed. Just prior to our move in 2010 we noticed a drastic rise in the coyote population near us.  Not only did they grow in numbers, they became bolder and less fearful (which made us more fearful of them.)  We had always been able to hear them at night.  Their howling would precede the sound of the train whistle or an approaching siren.  The coyotes could hear it before we could and they always cried out their warning.  But after a while we began to see them more frequently too and not just during the night or early morning hours.  Sometimes they'd roam around in broad daylight which always creeped me out a bit.

This photo was taken on Christmas morning.  I don't remember if the gun was a Christmas gift, but Steel took it out that day (which wasn't a real common activity for him.)  He was (is) a very good shot considering the small amount of time he's spent handling a firearm.  I tell everyone he gets that skill from me, although I haven't tested my abilities in a long time.  I didn't mind the kill, or the requested photo-op.  I was glad to see one of those mangy, skinny critters dead.