1,000 Words: Canine Costumes


I'm not of those people who dress their dogs up in silly costumes... unless it's Halloween.  Several years ago I put them in costumes and they acted like I had beat them with a stick.  (Charlie was a chicken and Daisy was a lady bug.)  They were miserable and I decided not to torment them again... Until I saw this set at Target! How could I resist?  We've always said that Daisy looks like a football so it was really appropriate that she should dress like one.  (Daisy's a football and Charlie is a ruff-a-ree!)

I know they don't look thrilled, but they actually didn't seem to mind these outfits.  I left them on while we answered the door for trick-or-treaters.  The kids were delighted to see the dogs.  Daisy thought it was great fun, until she didn't anymore.  After a while she just sat on the couch and barked.