1,000 Words: Wanna Be Bullfighter


In 2007 we traveled to the Azores Island of Terceira (off the coast of Portugal) to visit family and tour the childhood home of Leroy's parents.  It truly was a trip of a lifetime.  The kids were the perfect age to appreciate the opportunity before them and really jumped into the culture and customs. When we attended the "bullfight" in the streets, most of his stayed behind the plywood barriers (pictured) but not Steel.  He wanted in on the action.  He quickly grabbed an abandoned umbrella (the traditional tool used in such events) and joined in on the action.

Meanwhile, the rest of us (well, at least most of us) were screaming at him to get out-of-the-way.

I really (really) don't understand the fascination with this past time.  I guess I'm just not a thrill seeker.  But the experience sure put a smile on Steel's grandfather's face.