1,000 Words: Wet Coach

Leroy has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success as a football coach.  Although he has coached some outstanding athletes, I firmly believe the reason for their continued success is the love they have for their coach.  These kids would go to war for him, and they do this week in and week out.  They trust and respect him and they do whatever it is he asks of them. It baffles me.  When he's on the field he loses (most of) his sense of humor.  It's all business.  He gets frustrated and even yells sometimes but the boys seem to know he has their best interest at heart.  They take the direction and improve constantly.  They don't want to disappoint him because he will hold them accountable.

He's teaching them how to be men, and some of them even catch on before the season ends.

These pictures are two of my favorites, but I only took one of them.  In the first shot, you can see Leroy getting a water bath at the end of an undefeated season in 2011 with the Western Athletic Conference JV Champions.  (You an also see me behind the boys, watching the moment instead of taking a picture which was the original plan.)

The second shot is mine and that smile on his face is as authentic as it gets.  (Notice the water dripping off his shirt, but not a hair out-of-place!)