1,000 Words: Family Selfie

This photo was taken in May 2014 at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. We were up there for Steel's graduation from Pacific University. We went up a few days ahead of time so we could make this trip. We promised ourselves that we would really "see" Oregon while he was there for school, but of course time got away from us. We'd fly in and out (or drive in or out) too quickly to really sightsee. I'm sad to say that in 4 years, this was the only time we made it to the beach. It was a really nice to have us all together, without a schedule. Those days are few and far between. It was a beautiful day (and a beautiful beach) and this trip only made us love Oregon even more. During lunch, our waitress let it slip that she moved to the area because she was a big fan of the Twilight books. (Of course I had to ask lots of questions.) She told us about Indian Beach (just down the road) where the La Push scenes were filmed. (I don't know why they didn't use the actual La Push beach in Washington.)

We didn't stay long, but I want to go back to the area. My hope is that I'll be a bit more motivated to return, now that I know how what's waiting for me. Note: That haystack behind us is the one featured in the movie The Goonies.