Best Lent Ever

Many of you have asked about my Lenten sacrifice.  I quit "giving up" things a few years ago and started "adding to" instead.  This has proven to be a much bigger sacrifice than say chocolate or Diet Coke since I hoard and treasure time more than anything.  If I'm adding on it means I'm giving up time (or taking it away from something else) in order to fulfill the commitment.  Nothing (and I mean nothing) gets my attention as much as schedule changes. A renewed commitment to this blog is probably the most time consuming thing I'm doing during Lent, but I've also got a few other projects.  I'm reading "The Dynamic Catholic" by Matthew Kelly and will be meeting with a book club (weekly) for discussion.  I've also signed up for Matthew Kelly's daily Lenten devotionals through Best Lent Ever and I've really enjoyed them so far.  Today's was especially moving.  You can view the video by clicking here.

I'm also a big fan of Fr. Richard Rohr.  I read his daily meditations from the book, Yes, And but I also subscribe to his daily email meditations all year-long.  He's one of my favorites and I highly recommend reading anything he has written.  He was recently interviewed by Oprah for her show "Super Soul Sunday."  You can watch the video by clicking here.

(By the way... You don't have to be Catholic to glean useful and spiritual insight.  These individuals just happen to be Catholic, but their message is universally Christian and applies to EVERYONE!)