Mustache Man

Is it any wonder I fell in love with this man? He's so sexy!

We've been talking about Leroy's mustache a lot lately. A few months ago some of his players found some old photos on my Instagram account and they had a field day teasing him about them. In January, he started growing out a beard so he could surprise the boys at the banquet, but gave up when it was too itchy for him. (Incidentally, I loved the beard. I begged him to keep it for a while but he could not stand it any longer.)

It seems odd to think of him with a mustache now, but he wore one for at least the first 10 years of our marriage. When he shaved it the first time I was devastated and thought he looked ridiculous. (I was in Disneyland he shaved it off while I was away.) I hated it... but he said it was time for a change and I guess he was because he hasn't had one since.

This photo was taken in the summer of 1991. That's Sierra sitting on his lap (age 2) and my mom in the background. I'm pretty sure we're in her home in Idaho. What you can't see is Leroy's purple and white striped parachute pants that he ALWAYS wore with that purple t-shirt.

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