Christmas in March

So this happened this week. We woke up one morning to find our neighbors had placed their Christmas tree outside... and it's still there on March 1st. Now I'm not criticizing the timing of the tree placement. Heaven's knows I would not want the whole world to witness the projects that I procrastinate. My issue is the fact that this tree lies in the gutter waiting to go into the garbage. You'd think after 8+ weeks it would be part of the furnishings by now.

Growing up, my dad always insisted we use a LIVE tree for Christmas. They were never very big and came in a huge pot that Mom would cover up with fabric. We never put presents "under" our tree, because it never had an "underneath" side. To me, they were embarrassing, little, Charlie Brown trees and I always wanted the huge, full tree with glittering lights and shiny bulbs. Dad wanted a forest.

After Christmas, Dad would plant the tree somewhere on the property. The trees thrived and grew all around us. Each one taking a place on honor on the ranch. As a kid, I thought it was corny. As an adult... I think it was the coolest thing ever.

Since then, it has always bugged me to see Christmas trees lying in the gutter after the holiday. It seems to be such a waste. We bring this thing into our homes, decorate it with our memories and worship it for a few weeks only to toss it out in the garbage when we're done. It all seems so un-necessary. When we got married, it bugged me so much I insisted on an artificial tree and that's what we used for several years. But with all the moves the past few years we've gone with the real (dead) tree and it just feels wrong.

I hope they pick up this tree soon. It's driving me crazy but I'm also resolved to keep Dad's tradition alive. (Pun intended.) I might not have a place to plant my next tree, but I have a lot of friends who do and I'm sure someone will take it for me.