Well Loved

Today's my birthday, my 47th birthday to be exact but for some reason, this one feels better than the previous 46.  I am writing with a heart full of gratitude for everyone who took time to wish me well.  I received countless text messages, phone calls, emails and social media posts.  Tonight I was overwhelmed by the people who came up to wish me happy birthday and still (after 10:00pm) the messages keep coming.  It appears that I have surrounded my self with some wonderful people during my lifetime and I intend to continue holding them close to my heart.

I am loved.

I've always known it, but this year I endeavored to pay special attention to each and every sentiment that came my way.  I thought of it as a way of counting my blessings instead of just letting them pass by... I paused and paid attention this year and I am not disappointed.  What an extraodinary gift it has been.

For all those who took time for me today, your kindness has not gone un-noticed (even if I have failed to respond.)  I am overloaded and it is a wonderful problem to have.  Please know that I have thanked God for you and asked for his continued grace on you and yours just as he has graced me with your love.