1,000 Words: GoPro Snorkeling

This is, quite possibly, my favorite picture of ME!  It was taken exactly one year ago when we were in Hawaii with John and Anne.  I'm preparing to go GoPro snorkeling in Maui  I'm feeling a little reminiscent since we won't be making our annual, traditional trip this year.  (NOTE:  I declared it annual and traditional after the first year so we would HAVE to go on a regular basis.  Can't break tradition for heaven's sake!)  Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to sacrifice this year's excursion as a trade-off for Sierra and Joey's wedding (and her happiness) but I've really grown to look forward to our Maui trips and now I'll just have to wait a bit longer than I would like. (Still, totally worth it!) There is so much joy in this image, it's difficult to describe.  First of all... I'm in Hawaii with the love of my life (that's you Leroy.) What more could a girl ask for?  Then there's the fact that we're there with John and Anne... so cool.  Add on top of that my treasured GoPro (which was an extraordinary gift from a dear family) and the use of my snorkel gear.  That is the recipe for the well spent, perfect day!

In this shot I'm in the resort swimming pool, testing my equipment.  (Much easier process in the pool rather than making adjustments out in the ocean.)  What you can't see is John Almedia laughing and making fun of me the entire time.  There were a couple of kids there too... trying to figure out what I was up to but most of the people didn't pay any attention to me.